I am a very happy vegetarian

I am a very happy vegetarian
I believe it’s important to know about vegetarianism and debunk some of its misconceptions. There are many reasons why #IDONTEATMEAT.
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Giovanna Quaranta
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I've always been a "silent" vegetarian but today I have decided to speak up. I speak up because I believe that changes can't be achieved if people don't do so.

I am Giovanna, 24 years old and today I can state I am a very happy vegetarian.
Although I do have the privilege to choose whether to eat meat or not, I believe it’s important to know about vegetarianism and debunk some of its misconceptions.
There are many reasons why #IDONTEATMEAT.

First of all, for our planet. Intensive livestock farming for meat production is on top of the long list of factors causing global warming and damage to our planet.

Second of all, because I love and respect all animal species. Research shows that Animals suffer and feel pain too. Therefore, they should not get exploited.

Last but not least, because I take care of my own health and love vegetarian dishes.

Often I’ve been told that being a vegetarian translates into a poor diet and health.
I’ve been a vegetarian for about 6 years now and I can state the opposite: my body has become much healthier and my overall well-being has improved.

My dishes are colourful, nutritious and often only plant-based. Lentils, chickpeas, grains of all sorts, almonds, tofu are just some of the plant-based proteins I often eat to replace animal proteins. Besides that, there exist so many vegetables which provide me with all the nutrients I need to stay strong and healthy and enable me to vary my daily recipes.

With my example, many close friends of mine have changed their diet and are very grateful for the results.
With the hashtag  #IDONTEATMEAT, my aim is to show the world how big the  #IDONTEATMEAT community is and, hopefully, to involve many other people.


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