How I make money with a comb and a razor

How I make money with a comb and a razor

My name is Peter Paul Nteh, I am a level 1 student of the Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship in SARICO Nkambe.
With only a razor blade and a small comb I make money in my school by shaving the heads of students.
I hold a razor blade against the comb and shave the hair of the student to the desired level by combing through the hair gently.
In our school, all the students are supposed to have a low hair cut which makes it easier for me as opposed to the geometric haircuts which take a lot of time. In less than 20 minutes I can shave each head.
I don’t need electricity like barbers in town, therefore I can shave at any time during the day and in the night where there is light. In a week I shave averagely 25 students.
After a month I shave them again as the hair must have overgrown then.
Thanks to this activity, I am able to buy some of my school needs and snacks. The students also look neat and tidy. That is also the reason I am happy doing it.
I want to train some of my friends so that we can form a barbing club and shave many students at a time.