Gross hike in prices of products and services

Gross hike in prices of products and services
Nigeria is blessed with rich mineral resources but a large majority of the population still lives in extreme poverty. This video by Rejoice Aniemeka, A young Nigerian lady, reveals why her country is in abject poverty and possible solutions to curb the menace. Watch and share the video
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Rejoice Aniemeka
Saturday, July 16, 2022

Little did I imagine that a cup of rice will triple in price within a blink of an eye.
Prices of goods and services are increasing astronomically yearly.

My name is Rejoice Aniemeka and I'm from Nigeria.
Sometimes I wished salaries increased alongside prices of food items. But, is that really the solution?

I remember asking a taxi driver who conveyed me to work one day why the sudden double increase in transport fare. He quickly reminded me that foodstuff sellers have increased prices of groceries and for him to still be able to feed his family, he must increase taxi fare too. Guess who food sellers blame for the hike?..TRANSPORT !

How about factors like, inflation, dollar rate, insecurity,  bad government, market unions( these are  people who control prices of different products in the market on arrival) and they won't fix outrageous prices if controlled by the government.

As for me, I strongly believe that tackling insecurity and activities of market unions will make a huge difference.
Most farmers are now scared of going to the farm because bandits attack them while cultivating and this leads shortage in food supply.

Nigeria is no doubt a blessed country with rich mineral resources like petroleum, natural gas, tin, iron ore, coal, limestone, niobium, lead, zinc , gold and arable lands for agriculture such that when the government re-channels its energy towards productions/exportation instead of importation, inflation,  high naira-dollar rate will be reversed.

This is a challenging time, not just for my country Nigeria but for nations across the globe.
Therefore let us spread kindness and help people around us  in any little way we can.



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