Family agricultural schools making dreams come true.

Family agricultural schools making dreams come true.
Faced with a scenario where many youngsters leave their studies and families to move to big cities with the goal of improving their life. A young man has chosen to stay and shows how he can live with quality in the semi-arid region through family farming.
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Julio César.
Saturday, May 21, 2016


Moises is a nineteen year old country boy; a dreamer and keen on family agriculture. He is one of a family of eleven.

Like the majority of the country youth, he and his family have to face the hard reality of the north-eastern peasants of having to struggle just to survive. Moises was always keen in seeking knowledge in the area of agriculture in an effort to improve his family’s standard of living. But he found himself in a catch-22 situation, namely, study or help the family to survive.

Faced with the problem, Moises and his siblings made contact with the Agricultural Family School. The Institution’s teaching model is that of alternate pedagogy. Allowing the students to have the right of studying, and at the same time of helping their parents on their properties. Between one session and the other, Moises together with his family perceive that through family agriculture they can seek their self sustainability. Thus, creating new jobs and income; offering healthy foodstuffs; contributing to the preservation of human wellbeing and that of the environment. Providing a better living standard.

Today, Moises is about to fulfil one of his dreams. He is in the last period of a technical course on farming at the Dom Edilberto Agricultural Family School. Moises and his family began with a few vegetable plots, which today covers a production area of six hectares. Faced with a scenario in which many young people drop out of school and leave their families to go to the big cities with the aim of improving their lives; Moises opted to study and stay near his family.

Amidst the difficulties, Moises and his family show that it is possible to live and live a good life by means of family agriculture.




Tags: Food Security; Environmental Conservation; Organic Produce; Permanence on the Land; Standard of Living; Technical Aid; Government Incentive; Sustainable Production; Creation of Jobs and Income; Cultural Revival; Education on the Land; Rural Exodus


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