Education in the Family Farm schools in Brazil

Education in the Family Farm schools in Brazil
The educator, Iracélia, speaks about what is proposed by the Agricultural Family School in the lives of the students, the role of the monitor, and a little of the mission of the school in the lives of the families, communities and students.
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Well, my name is Iracélia. I am an agricultural technician. I am a past pupil of the Goias Agricultural Family School and a representative of the Association of Parents and Students.

The AFS came into being with the proposal to help young people continue their studies while still linked to family, land and community.

The students come to school with various doubts and questions about difficulties and curiosities of the activities that are taking place on their properties.

At this point enters the monitor to assist and clarify their concerns. The monitor is the students’ reference for their doubts. It is the monitor who will explain, indicate, pay visits to the properties and make other external interventions.

All the experiences that students undergo in school they will share at home and in the community. Many of these practices have been changing the manner of production, especially the practice of agroecology.

And this practice has only multiplied in the family and community with great difficulty of acceptance; since people are still accustomed to saying, "If you don’t use pesticides, you won’t produce anything."

We encourage the students i) to develop various agricultural activities on their properties; for In that way they will acquire a higher income, greater diversification and autonomy; and ii) that they don’t work with monoculture but rather with diversification of production, where the whole family can be involved in this family construction.

Even with difficulties in understanding on the part of the families and communities regarding the various new practices that students are taking back to their communities; the AFS continues its theoretical educational journey and our students continue to be the protagonists of this story bring their questions to be discussed here in the school and thus worked on by everyone.


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