Dual pedagogy as a door to open horizons.

Dual pedagogy as a door to open horizons.
Who goes to a Family Farm School (FFS) has a better vision of the future in the field, says a student.
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Raimundo Filho
Monday, July 17, 2017


My name is Raimundo Filho and I am from the town of Codó, Maranhão, Brazil. Born on a farm, I had the opportunity that few rural youth have, of studying. 
I studied in the Family Farm School Family School (FFS), in various Brazilian states, such as, Amapá, Amazonas and Piauí. 
They all use the methodology of dual pedagogy, which is based on the student spending fifteen days at school learning agricultural techniques, zootechny, as well as other disciplines such as Portuguese language and mathematics; and fifteen days at home to put into practice what we learned at school.     

Life on the land is extremely tough. The educational system in the country is of very poor quality. There is a lack of school transport. The outlook for the future is bleak. 

Every day, young people face this distressing reality, which is the reason for the rural exodus.

But those who attend an EFA get a better outlook about the future on the land.

But those who attend an FFS get a better outlook about a future on the land. The Dual Pedagogy  is not just a way of teaching like that in traditional schools; it also teaches us life values. Our monitors take on responsibilities that in traditional schools are left to the parents; such as taking students to the doctor, motivating us and helping us in our projects. 

 I look on this pedagogy as the motivator of my dreams. I can now envisage wider horizons, such as studying to be a vet; various job perspectives and contributing to the improvement of my community and society in general.
Today, I have a wide circle of friends that are part of my life. I am now able to develop my own business and to have a more lucrative and dignified standard of living on the land.   

Today, I can say that I am prepared to overcome the uncertainties of life, as well as the frequent obstacles, because FFS has taught me that the sky is the only limit.

Teaching is not the simple transferring of knowledge, but rather creating the possibilities for students to produce and/or construct through their own initiative.





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