From Dreams to Reality

From Dreams to Reality
I went to follow my passion that I dreamt of since childhood. To that end, I went to the Youth Vocational Training Center in Baré where I enrolled in the sewing program in 2017.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

My name is Ledjogia Bibiche. I live in the town of Baré, in the department Moungo, in the Littoral Region.

After obtaining my primary school certificate in 2013 at the CEBEC School, I continued my schooling at the CETIC in Baré in the secondary cycle of technical education in the field of ESF (Social and Family Economy), where I completed four years. After failing my CAP (certificate of professional aptitude), the following year I went to the Youth Vocational Training Center in Baré where I enrolled in the sewing program in 2017.

My training lasted 3 years and was led by trainers in an alternating training, i.e. two weeks in a socio-professional environment and two weeks at the center, where we practiced what we learned in theory at school.

This has endowed me with a strong spirit of experience and abilities.

During the course of this training, we carried out activities such as tutorials, sharing resources, educational talks, cultural events, and practical work, among many others.

I encountered difficulties during my training, for example the lack of money for transportation to the work environment, the lack of equipment for classroom practice, and sometimes not having enough money even for beignets. But I never lost my motivation to realize my dream, which was to finish my training.

In spite of my parents' lack of financial means, I sometimes sold peanuts, croquettes, and other things at school during breaks to earn a little money in order to support my academic needs.

In the third year we did more practice than theory. At the end of the training, I took the national exam, where I presented on a religious marriage outfit that I had made myself and for which I received honors.

Today at my young age I am the owner of a tailor shop, doing good business and landing contracts.

Thanks to the training center for providing me with a professional training, I was able to realize my dream.

Thank you to the training center. Thank you to the trainers. And thank you to the founder.


Translation: Andru Shively (VUB)


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