A dream come true for the whole village.

A dream come true for the whole village.
A boy explains the dream that has come true in the community, La Mina, in Guatemala
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Monday, August 1, 2016

The village “La Mina” is located at 18 km from the county seat of Jocotán, a community of scarce resources only had the level of pre-primary and primary education.

One of the biggest dreams for community leaders was the creation of an Institute of basic secundary education. In 2004, efforts are initiated and achieved approval in 2005. The Ministry of Education approves and begins paying primary school classrooms, with one teacher to teach 11 courses to 20 students. This was a reality for 3 years.

For 2009, it has already  3 teachers, but still did not have the conditions necessary for its operation.

In 2010, after five years of efforts and insistence of the Community Development Council, parents, teachers and students, to the Municipality of Jocotán. Finally,  the construction of three classrooms (one for each grade) and a classroom lab is achieved for computing and the direction. Equipped with 60 desks, blackboards 3 large Formica, 3 chairs among others.

Currently, the center has graduated 180 students,  serving as a mean for the continuation of their studies, something that was not possible before. 

Now the community has several professionals as Expert in Natural Resources, Expert Accountant, teachers Bilingual Education, Secretariat office worker, among others. And those who have not had the opportunity to pursue academically, have learned a trade during their training in the NUFED, among which are: Barbershop, dressmaking, Crafts, Confectionery, Bakery, Jewellery among others.

Seeing so many accomplishments parents and students they are motivated because they know that education has improved the development of many families and the community. I invite local, national and private institutions that authorities Sticking to Education, but an education that responds to current needs we live in the country and not a square and traditional education.


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