The Consequences of Alcohol Consumption

The Consequences of Alcohol Consumption
We are in Benin, more specifically in Atacora, where alcoholism is becoming more and more of a problem.
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Ézechiel Yotto
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I am Ezéchiel Yokossi YOTTO, a journalist in Natitingou and I want to tell you this short story. We are in Benin, more specifically in Atacora, where alcoholism is becoming more and more of a problem. In recent months, municipal and federal authorities have sprung into action to put an end to alcoholism.

Young people are especially vulnerable: they are more susceptible to addiction once they come into contact with alcohol. Traffic accidents are mainly caused by young people under the influence of alcohol. In addition, agricultural yields have fallen sharply in recent years, as alcohol reduces physical capacity.

Regarding education, alcohol consumption caused a high percentage of drop-outs. In our area we saw an emergence of alcohol businesses run by young people. In the slums, the national police organized raids: drunk youths were arrested.

Alcoholics end up in poverty because they spend their money on nightclubs and pubs. Moreover, some of them have lost their sanity and are now wandering the streets. Despite the efforts of the local authorities, the situation is not improving.

Thus, urgent action is needed to bring the youth back on the right path. There must be a proper age criterion for the sale of alcohol. The prices of alcoholic beverages must be raised. And the authorities should also use the media to avert the problem.


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