Conscious Behaviour

Conscious Behaviour
We are back in Belgium after two incredible weeks in Rwanda. We came back changed after this experience, many things have marked us.
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Théo et Louis
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Here we are back in Belgium after two incredible weeks in Rwanda.  We have come back changed as a result of this experience.  Several things left their mark on us.

One day we went down into the valley and saw people doing their laundry using well water in basins.  In Belgium, this is unheard of; one has only to put one’s laundry in the machine.

For two weeks we washed ourselves with jugs of water which made us pay far more attention to our water use. We were able to grasp just how precious this resource is; we are used to accessing it so easily.

We were also able to see the extent to which people live with so little. Waste is no longer an option.

The farmers we met produce their own food. If they have a bad harvest, they must make ends meet without money. Here we purchase food from all over the world in supermarkets without even thinking and we waste so much of it. We saw entire families living in miniscule houses but these people are happy just to have a roof over their heads.

Upon returning to Belgium, we are naturally affected by all of this.

To see people living in poverty with such big smiles, one doesn’t forget that.  So now we try to be careful about what we consume and waste less. Over there, people don’t complain whereas hear we grumble about the least little thing.  For this reason, we are sharing our experience to raise awareness among the most people possible.


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