Community Commitments to Climate Change in Benin

Community Commitments to Climate Change in Benin
We are AKANDE Rufus and GANABA Melchisédech, computer science students in Parakou, Benin. Faced with the effects of global warming on our daily lives, we are committed to raising awareness and educating our community on ecological solutions. Together, let's act for a sustainable future!
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Akande Rufus et Ganaba Mechisédech
Wednesday, June 5, 2024

We are AKANDE Rufus and GANABA Melchisédech, two students in computer science from Parakou, Benin.

In recent years, we have observed the increasingly visible effects of global warming on our daily lives.
Temperatures, generally between 25°C and 35°C, sometimes rise even higher, especially in northern areas. This transforms houses into real giant saunas.

Rains have become irregular and unpredictable, threatening agricultural production. Around 80% of Beninese people make their living from agriculture.
Our rivers, once full of life, are drying up faster and over longer periods, and forests are deteriorating from a lack of frequent rain.
Faced with this situation, educational programs have been integrated into schools to raise environmental awareness among young people. Students learn eco-friendly practices such as recycling, water conservation and the use of renewable energy.

June 1st was established as National Tree Day, where thousands of trees are planted.
Workshops are also organized in towns and villages to inform adults about climate issues. They are also trained in new adaptation techniques for agriculture.
In Parakou and other localities, improved stoves that use less wood and produce less smoke have been adopted. Municipal authorities and NGOs have installed solar panels in schools and health centers.
The results of these community actions and initiatives are gradually starting to be seen.
However, there is still much to do.

We must continue to raise awareness and educate our community about the effects of global warming and possible solutions.



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