Climate Change in Honduras

Climate Change in Honduras
The video shows a reflection on the consequences we are experiencing, due to the abuse of the environment, we must change our irresponsible attitude and start actions that make a difference.
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José Angel Artica
Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello, I am José Artica Garcia.

I live in Jacaleapa, El Paraíso, Honduras and I want us to reflect about the environment situation.
Who doesn’t remember? How the weather was like in our country (Honduras)a few years ago and how it’s today.
Now days, we are living the results of years of abuse in the environment.
Destructive wildfires, wood cutting, industrial pollution, migrating agriculture, harmful substances for the environment.

We have reached the point where, if we do not take a determination to recover what we have lost.In a few years in the future, we will not have any resources, which are the legacy that the land offers us.

 Our people have worked the land and subsisted with all the resources given by nature. But it has always been necessary the climate balance, for crops, animal breeding… water. most of our country’s economy depends from the environmental resources. Let’s think!, what we do today, is reflected tomorrow. Governments must take decisions to protect nature…

Such as: organize environmental conservation teams in each community, and of course severe sanctions for those who pollute.

The good news is; we have on hands the opportunity to change this global warming situation.

Remember all the small things, small actions make big changes… recycling, reusing materials, reestablishing forests, using environmentally friendly energy, avoiding fires and applying laws to protect nature.

All together, step by step, we can make this situation better, we must not wait until it’s too late.