Child labour in Cameroon

Child labour in Cameroon
In most rural and nomadic communities, children undertake jobs that are imposed on them.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

In most farming, fishing and nomadic communities, the child follows his parents to these activities. The child is given a job that is in line with his age and ability. Among trading communities, the child follows his parents to the markets, carrying and delivering goods as necessary.

Nowadays, in Bertoua, in the Eastern Region of Cameroon; Children undertake jobs imposed on them that are occasioned by necessity to survive. In the market centres like in bus stops, along the high way, They carry goods, sell sugarcane, bananas and fries. In the informal sector like building contractors or their sub-contractors will prefer to hire children to work. There are still millions of children in Cameroon whose work can be considered forced labour.

Not just because they are too young but because they are forced.

Not just because they are too young but because they are forced. These include children who are kidnapped or otherwise lured away from their families to be imprisoned in bars, restaurants and even brothels In addition, millions of children work “unseen” in domestic service. Given or sold at a very early age to another family and have no control over their lives. They receive little or no pay. It has been a matter of general observation that most uneducated workers are poor.

Because they lack education The only way to protect these children from hazardous labour, in Bertoua, is to extend and improve low cost entrepreneurial education systems like the pedagogy of alternation.


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