Bullying : Me or You?

Bullying : Me or You?
Bullying, most of the time, the agressor was a victim of bullying before he started acting that way. A young boy from Rio tells his story.
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bullying, me or you ?

Every day, someone is being targeted for bullying. Adriel is nineteen years old and is an athlete.
His nickname is “Pitbull” for he loves getting into trouble. Wherever there is a fight, he is sure to be in it. And he treats children very badly.He puts one boy against another and has lost count of the number of his fights and not to mention his bad language.
Adriel loves playing soccer, but is always annoying everyone like saying some of them have sticks instead of legs.
For some his behaviour is unacceptable, and some have even stopped talking to him because of this.
What many don’t know is that before Adriel became this kind of person, he suffered physical and verbal aggression and was excluded by colleagues. Often he could be seen playing on his own. Was it because he was not well off financially ? Or because he went to school every day wearing the same clothes or shoes?

In the end, Adriel came to the conclusion that if he became an aggressor instead of a victim he would be accepted by his friends.
Thinking in this manner, he was just continuing the vicious circle of bullying. In fact Adriel doesn’t play football nor is he an athlete.

Adriel is a normal boy, small for his age and skinny.
But his story is true. And now???   Are you going to continue being a bully ????
Stop Bullying

Translation: Many thanks to Michael MC



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