Breaking paradigms

Breaking paradigms
A young teacher describes the impact of poor nutrition on his students, and how they solved it. Teachers and parents working together to solve this problem.
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Jakelline Natalí Hernández
Friday, May 22, 2015

Guatemala's basic nutritional problem is not about the quantity of food consumed by the lower-income population, but about the quality of diet and eating practices. In the municipality of San Agustín Acasaguastlán, malnutrition impairs the proper learning of children and young people, turning them into survivors with poor quality of life. The delivery of nutritional support must always be accompanied by an educational strategy in nutrition and poverty eradication.

In the NUFED educational center number 14, where I work, there are students from different communities. I can see in my classrooms that there are several problems such as: malnutrition, deficiency of programs in health, education, poverty, poor nutrition, and lack of interest of parents, among others. This leads to some of our students having developmental problems and not reaching the appropriate height. Most importantly, they have learning and intellectual development problems, which does not make my classes any easier. In addition, most of the students arrive to class without having had breakfast.

As teachers of NUFED center number 14 we implemented a sustainable action to contribute to the nutrition of each of the young people, we prepare incaparina every morning for them. We started with each teacher contributing an ingredient at the beginning. Then in a meeting with parents we reached an agreement that each of the children would contribute one quetzal to reinforce the nutritional needs of the students, instead of buying candy and soft drinks.

Thanks to this action, the interest of the students in each of their classes was increased, improving results.

And you, how do you contribute to your country?


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