The adventure of a teacher in rural Guatemala

The adventure of a teacher in rural Guatemala
Welcome to the Talquezal Village (Chiquimula), Guatemala. The problem is the arrival at the Educational Center!
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Karina Perez
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An adventure of a schoolteacher

Welcome to the Village of Talquezal Which is located 20 km from the county seat (Chiquimula), Guatemala. The road is a dirtroad. In 2004 was created the NUFED n°102, an Educational Center providing secondary education with alternate training system. But one of the problems is arriving at the Center.

Every year we run the risk of grave accidents in wintertime because the road is in a bad condition. In recent years, at the beginning of that season, cars have no longer been able to reach the community and have had to stop 5 km away from the Educational Center. From that point, we have to keep going by foot.
Exactly in this year, 2014 In the morning of August 15th, a landslide ocurred, leaving the community without any communication. As teachers, we had to leave our houses even earlier than usual to be able to reach the Center in time.

To be able to give the bread of knowledge to different young people entering to study. With my coworkers every day is another adventure. As with them I have discovered many things and they have become my best friends. In them, I found people I can joke with Also if I ever need a helping hand I know I can count on them, always. They are my guardian angels. and what a coincidence, both have the name ´Angel´.

To the responsible authorities I make a call to serve the needs of the community to improve or find an alternative way to reach the educational center Many colleagues complain about its location, even in usual times when there is no particular landslide What is your commitment to education ?


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