Adapting to Adversity: Empowering Students through Innovative Education

Adapting to Adversity: Empowering Students through Innovative Education
In a rapidly changing world, continuous innovation and reinvention of our education system are essential. E-learning plays a vital role in enhancing our education system by providing flexible and accessible learning opportunities. It equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge for sustainable success.
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Victory Mukoro
Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Traditional education often fails to teach students how to effectively utilize education as a key to success. As a student and part-time teacher named MUKORO Victory, I have observed that learners respond differently to various teaching methods. Unfortunately, the traditional education system confines everyone to the limitations of classroom learning. The weaknesses of this system were evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools closed, and alternative methods like eLearning emerged as a valuable option.

In 2019, I was preparing for my General Certificate Examination in the war-torn Northwest region of Cameroon. Due to the conflict, schools were shut down, and resuming classes the following year came with risks of abduction or violence. Teachers fled, and studying became challenging and uncertain. Imagine going to school in the morning only to hear that your campus in on fire and a close friend of yours has been killed by a stray bullet. I would never forget such scary experiences.

Motivated by my experience, I became an eLearning specialist and I began visiting schools to educate students on the advantages of eLearning for exam preparation since 2020. These advantages include access to a variety of educational content and the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime. Also, there is sensory engagements and it is less costly. E-learning offers a safe learning environment when schools are not accessible. So far, we have assisted over 1000 students in preparing and succeeding in their exams. Check out our eLearning platform at

However, we face difficulties such as poor and expensive internet connectivity, blackouts, lack of electronic devices in students, and resistance from parents and teachers. Despite these challenges, the satisfaction of helping students avoid the suffering I endured makes it all worthwhile


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