The story of GRIS in Evergem

The story of GRIS in Evergem
The Municipal Council for International Cooperation, GRIS, annually provides resources for emergency aid and subsidies to approximately 15 projects in the South. All these projects are monitored by residents of Evergem.
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Monday, June 28, 2021

I am Rosita the giant. In 2016 I was created by a group of volunteers from Evergem and an artist Pablo Sanaguano from Ecuador.

The volunteers are all members of the Municipal Council for International Cooperation (GRIS). Together with the municipality of Evergem, they strive to work towards a more inclusive and just world.
The GRIS annually grants subsidies to approximately 15 projects in the South, which are followed up by residents of Evergem.
Resources are also provided for emergency aid.

Actually I call Rosita Sami. Sami means "friend" in Kichwa. For example, my name refers to the Twinning with Guaranda in Ecuador.

There are 17 pockets in my skirt! Each bag contains a card with 1 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (often abbreviated in English as SDG’s).
These are challenges that the United Nations has set and that must be realized by 2030. There are challenges around poverty and hunger, but also about peace, human rights, climate, equality, migration and good governance.
Achieving these goals is a huge challenge. That's why I was made. Now, as a giant girl from Latin America, I am the bearer of global challenges.

The GRIS wants to help me achieve the SDG’s.
Do you see the little giants next to me? They were made by students of the 4th grade who followed a school project of the GRIS.
In this project they looked for what can be done here in Evergem: for example reducing CO2 emissions by using the car less often, paying a fair price for chocolate, coffee, ...
These are examples of a “local global policy” with a favorable effect on living conditions in the South.


Note from the authors:

It is also important paying attention to the equality and strength of all partners.
The GRIS is working on this by giving the projects in the South a voice. This is done through a film project with Comundos. The partners from the South work together with the people of Evergem, but the people from the South determine what is discussed in the film. This is necessary to obtain a correct view. Most of the films that are currently circulating are made from a Western perspective.


Translation: Sam Pauwels


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