From rubbish to ART

From rubbish to ART
Clean the world, from rubbish to art. How can we grow up in a kind of world where nature is replaced by our own refuse?
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Aleyna and Clara
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

When we were in the park, just cycling by, suddenly something was there, it was white and small, I thought is was a kitten, Aleyna thought is was a rabbit… It was actually moving between some leaves and when we got closer to pet it, it was nothing like that, not a kitten, not a rabbit… just a plastic bag.

So we decide to keep cycling… and there it was, a small red bird, and we get closer again to take pictures, and again it was not a bird, it was just a red juice box. Then we stopped, and we start looking around us, and we really thought we were surrounded by nature, and animals living and breathing, happily alive. We started realising that nothing was natural, it was just waste. We were sharing the park not with animals, but with rubbish and trash.

We found a child playing in the park but he was not enjoying nature, we were not enjoying nature. How can we grow up in a kind of world where nature is replaced by our own refuse? And an idea came up in our minds; we will use this waste to give new life, making useful objects or even art.


Translation done by Pietro Betlem, student in translation at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel


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