Misled by taste: How the food industry affects our health

Misled by taste: How the food industry affects our health
In the supermarkets, we are overwhelmed by products that tempt us with flavour enhancers and misleading labels. These processed foods, full of sugar and chemical additives, undermine our health. It is time to be more conscious of our choices so that the food industry misleads us less.
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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Have you also noticed that there are so many mouth-watering products?
That is hardly surprising since products containing flavourings dominate almost all supermarkets. 

In Flanders, around 25% of shop shelves are devoted to ‘healthy’ foods. Unfortunately, the labels ‘organic’ and ‘nutritious’ are often used misleadingly. Processed foods mainly contain water, sugar, fats, and flavourings. 

These flavour enhancers add flavour at a low cost. They can be recognised by their E number. Foods with many E numbers are highly processed. Therefore, they are dangerous to our health. They can cause illnesses such as diabetes and cholesterol.

The industry is constantly searching for the perfect formula to make food irresistible. The industry does not care about the health of its customers. Their priority is to make a profit.

We have a responsibility as consumers. We can buy and eat more fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy processed foods. Let's be aware of the impact of our choices on our health. In this way, we can prevent the industry from misleading us.


Translation: Ingrid Inkindi Dusenge 

Revision : Asmae Maataoui


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