Increase of petrol stations in the city of Lubumbashi

Increase of petrol stations in the city of Lubumbashi
The construction of petrol stations in green spaces in Lubumbashi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, is still raising an uncomfortable dust till today. According to the creator of the video, in the coming days, Lubumbashi might face a chain of fires that might cause the death of thousands of people, just as it happened in Kinshasa.
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John Bwaleso Kalubisa
Friday, August 5, 2022

I am BWALESO KALUBISA John, inhabitant of the city of Lubumbashi.

A bad assessment of the construction of petrol stations in the green spaces in Lubumbashi.

In the old days, in the city of Lubumbashi, there were green spaces, where I could find young people, adults resting calmly under trees in the green spaces. These green spaces were used as playgrounds for the children of these neighbourhoods.

Towards the beginning of 2015, I started to see the construction of petrol stations in these spaces!

This situation contributes to environmental degradation!!! The acceleration of air pollution due to the non-existence of green spaces. Accidental spills of other liquids classified as hazardous substances, commonly found in petrol stations (e.g. diesel, petrol, brake oil, coolants, battery acids or solvents) and leaks from underground tanks.

In the coming days Lubumbashi will face a chain of fires that will cause the deaths of thousands of people. Just as it happened in Kinshasa.

But unfortunately, there is no longer a place for me to catch some air in the evening.

It is up to our urban authorities to ensure that the regulations are respected.

To proceed with the demolition of certain petrol stations built very close to people's houses.

For the green spaces that still exist, the authorities should no longer sell them; on the contrary, for the newly subdivided neighbourhoods, the land registry should provide for green spaces.


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