Giving a helping hand to the planet

Giving a helping hand to the planet
Story about a youth group in rural Guatemala giving a hand to help the planet
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Emanuel Orozco
Saturday, July 4, 2015

The youth committee

The youth committee was founded with the aim of helping Mother Earth due to the fact that there is so much pollution on our planet.
The committee consists mainly of young people who are committed to spending some of their time volunteering. In an effort to encourage more young people to join,
student grants are given.
Because we want to maintain our vision of helping the environment, we first think about suggestions which we carry out afterwards.
Thanks to this state of mind of the youngsters, one day we were able to realize one of these
suggestions: the sowing of trees. These were sowed in small streams and springs, in order to prevent
the source of life from drying out. The pleasure of doing something for the environment is so high that it
has driven us to start up the program of “My Clean City”. Between laughs and jokes, we clean the
main streets of the neighborhood. But our ambition to do even more gave us the idea of using the
social networks in our favor. So that’s when we started discussing topics like the proper use of social
media. By using these, we can communicate - through images, articles, colors and sounds - the
benefits you get from helping the environment.
It’s a challenge, because nowadays it’s hard to get young people to post texts,videos or pictures about helping take care of the planet. Rather, they publish articles
which aren’t interesting or post useless pictures with crazy faces.
But we hope that one day we can join forces to save the remaining half of the environment.
Do you want to join us?
This is who we are, this is what we do.


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