Environmental impact in the Amazon region

Environmental impact in the Amazon region
The Amazon has enormous value for the traditional peoples who derive their livelihood.
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Leonardo Rosa Câmara
Friday, December 9, 2016


Look, I am a farmer’s son and I live in Macapá, the capital of the State of Amapá.
I travel a lot and it is always to the interior of the State, so as to visit my mother who is living in a community of settlers.
Recently, it has become more and more difficult to make these journeys, because the roads that lead to the community areas are not paved.

There are some factors that damage our roads, like, the great circulation of heavy machines and the period of intense rain.
With this, the inhabitants of the areas of settlers, of riverbanks and the indigenous people often are unable to travel from the interior to the capital using these roads.
The same is true for those who live in the capital.
This isolation is caused by the great foreign industries that fortify more and more the market for extraction in the region. Referring to the mining industry, the timber industry and monoculture.

For example, for mining to be executed rapidly, without a lot of setbacks, the companies need to have labourers from outside the region and high quality equipment, both for extracting as well as transporting the product.
This is standard procedure for the companies. It is too expensive for our government.
So, I ask myself, “Where does this money come from?
Who is investing in this?” I discovered that first world countries are.
I believe that the global community is unaware of the seriousness of the problems that are being left to our region
from deforestation to the pollution of rivers, placing at risk the lives of people and animals.

So, peoples of the world, let us resolve this problem because if we continue at this pace, shortly Amazonas may cease to exist.
You can believe it. I know what I am talking about!

Translation: Michael MC


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