Ecological changes and sustainable production

Ecological changes and sustainable production
I, Daniel Santana Filho, wrote this story, because I am concerned with healthy food, the environment and agricultural production. I propose some solutions ...
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Daniel Santana
Sunday, May 24, 2015

My name is Daniel. I am a student at a family agriculture school in the State of Espirito Santo. I am greatly concerned with the environment and agricultural production.

I notice that in the past the lands had a very large amount of vegetation; which besides keeping the land humid, filtered the air. Producers planted various crops and reared livestock in a place alongside vegetation, which guaranteed a diversified produce, without expenses from pesticides, irrigation and fertilizers; for the environment took care of not only controlling pathogens, but also provided humidity and the production of organic material.

Today producers focus on producing large quantities in monoculture systems without any diversification. So Nature does not accomplish its biological control, and as a consequence we have the use of huge amounts of chemical products to control pests and diseases that might not have even existed. These chemical products cause innumerous diseases in people and animals.


One solution would be the implementation of sustainable production methods, aiming at production, preservation of natural resources, the use of organic products, and the strengthening of areas weakened by intensive use of pesticides. One of these methods is the Agrosilvipastoral System: where forest trees (Eucalyptus), crops and pasture are grown in one area. We can also cite the consortium of crops, where the cultivation of various crops such as maize and beans is carried out in equal areas.

Using these and other methods, producers will be able to have more diverse production in one single area, decreased use of chemicals, increased use of organic methods, among others. This awareness should start from us, the students and small farmers to set an example for Society and the large agricultural producers.


Translation: Michael MC


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