Online workshop ‘Digital Storytelling’ - 2023

Online workshop ‘Digital Storytelling’ - 2023

Nothing is more powerful than a strong story to convince people. 
And in these times it is best to tell that story digitally.

  • Learn to write an inspiring story
  • Master video production
  • Find out how to take good photos
  • Create your own 'digital story' during the course
  • 600 people worldwide have already attended this workshop

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By telling your story digitally, you reach a wide audience.
Do you want the necessary knowledge and tools to spread your message online?
Then this creative starter course is definitely for you!

In 4 interactive lessons of 2 hours each, we strengthen your online communication skills.
This is what we offer:

  • Behind the scenes of audiovisual media techniques for writing compelling stories and scripts
  • Experience with Open Source Video software
  • Sources for royalty-free audiovisual material
  • Production and editing of photos, audio and video

This way you have everything in your hands to perfect yourself afterwards.

The next course dates are:




Lesson 1 – Getting started with digital storytelling, how do I build my story


/11 - 19u - 21u

Lesson 2 – Listening to each other's story + Sound, setting up your own podcast


/11 - 19u-21u

Lesson 3 – Image and imaging technology


/11 - 19u- 21u

Lesson 4 – Finishing the digital story


/11 - 19u- 21u

You can also follow this workshop in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

What does it cost?: 

The online course 'Digital Storytelling' costs € 198 (incl. 21% VAT). Different prices are available for groups.   

With this amount, you also contribute to the emancipation of young people in the South, offering courses and buying laptops.

If your budget is insufficient, feel free to join our waiting list.

What do you get for it?
- 4 lessons of 2 hours in group
- 1 hour of individual guidance if you want
- Teaching materials (syllabus, applied videos of the software, examples)
- Access to the Comundos community, a lot of media wisdom, your unique video story and a personal certificate

Part of your tuition goes to our projects for youngsters in the Global South.


Students testify: 

“Thank you for teaching us that anyone can become a 'filmmaker', for unraveling the mystery surrounding audiovisual production for us and for showing that we can communicate very efficiently with creativity and the resources at our disposal." - Gerson Flávio da Silva, Brazil

“Very instructive and well communicated, with helpful and clear teaching materials. I learned to write a good story and make a video.” - Pietro Betlem, Belgium

"It was a great experience. I learned video production techniques and got a lot of ideas. Really cool." - Leonildo de Moura Souza, Brazil

“The content not only met my expectations, on the contrary. The course taught me many other things I knew nothing about.” - Zacky Madilo, RD Congo

Prefer on site?: 

Would you like to run this course live in your company, school or organization? That is possible !

Contact us to discuss the possibilities and to obtain a price proposal.

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