Lack of electricity in the Family Farm School in Natete, Mozambique.

Lack of electricity in the Family Farm School in Natete, Mozambique.
Trainers and trainees do not have access to technology and new information because of lack of energy. The government must pull the energy from the village headquarters to the FFS in Natete.
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Lack of electricity in the FFR in Natete


I am a trainer at the family farming school in Natete. I am going to talk to you about the lack of power in our community.

The FFS is based in Natete, a district with a power administrative post in the monapo district and is located six kilometers from the post headquarters.

This community has a high level of illiteracy and no economic development, but has a vocational school, a complete elementary school and a health center.

However, the lack of commitment on the part of the government is noticeable because when instructors and the others ask for electricity to be installed they are charged high prices. On the other hand, the government makes promises that cannot be kept.

This results in trainers and students not having access to technology and current digital information.

Since we cannot watch television nor have access to computers to have this digital information, we depend on people who live in the town or on mobile phones.

Preserving fresh food can only be done by drying or smoking.

We recharge our mobile phones and other electronic devices by means of solar panels or batteries and we can only work during the daytime.


The government is to extend electrical power from the headquarters to the FFS in Natete.


Bearing in mind that it is a philanthropic institution geared to the training of Mozambique youth and is in the midst of a Mozambique community.


In the case of electricity charges, the government should contribute.

Thank you.




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