Integrated market gardening

Integrated market gardening
With good practices, we will achieve enviable goals, namely, good production, good income and above all, good health.
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Ali Ernesto Jaime
Tuesday, March 8, 2022


I am a teacher at the Mueria Rural Family School, in Nacala-a-Velha, in the Province of Nampula..
Currently, we find large offers of vegetables with defective aspects, damaged fruits, leaves with blemishes, yellowing and rotting..
This is due to the non-use of good practices during the production process. 

To minimize this scourge, it is necessary to adopt the Integral Production system, 

Starting with a good disinfection of the nursery, using black or white plastic (solarisation),
The trays with 2% sodium hypochlorite and the substrate must undergo spray disinfection in a drum.
Use certified seed with good germination power of a variety resistant to local conditions.   

Before planting, we proceed with deep fertilisation, using chopped cattle/poultry manure and cover all, using compost and biofertilizer.
The amounts we use depend on the results of the soil analysis that determines the fertility level and the PH of the soil,,
In production, we proceed with (scarification, to allow the quick passage of water, with pruning to eliminate old branches or leaves and pruning to eliminate early flowers). 

To control and prevent natural enemies, it is necessary to pulverize, using local made sprays and organic plant-based insecticides.
It is imperative to have a monitoring plan and setting traps to identify enemies,
those of a yellow colour attract and capture aphids and whiteflies, blue-coloured ones attract thrips and others use pheromones. 

The water to be used for irrigation must be good and available. The type depends on the economic conditions of the producer.
When harvesting, we proceed with specific rules such as: the use of sanitised material and equipment and quality selection.  

So, applying good practices, we will achieve enviable goals, such as, good production, good income and above all, good health. 

Translation: Michael Mc Laughlin



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