The discovery of a student in Congo

The discovery of a student in Congo
As a student of Idiofa, I take you to my internship in Kinshasa (Kin).
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Zacky Madilo
Thursday, April 21, 2022

My name is ZACKY MADILO, student at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Catholic University of Grand-Bandundu.

I live in Idiofa in the Kwilu Province in the DRC ( Democratic Republic of Congo).

My city is almost 700 km from Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC. Because of the studies, we are obliged to travel each year to Kinshasa for the internship and sometimes also for training. To get to Kinshasa, the road conditions are not favorable. You have to travel 125km on the motorbike whereby 80 km on an unpaved road and another 45 on an asphalt road which is not in good condition.

In the city of Kinshasa, we see the inequalities of the country in the daily life of the population.

Here we are on the boulevard of June 30th,  in the community of Gombe. May this image not deceive you to say that this is the real Kinshasa.
Let's have a look in the daily life of the people of Kinshasa.

In the middle of the city, in the community of Barumbu, the roadconditions make it difficult to pass. This doesn´t make it easy for the people of Kinshasa to transit easily on these roads.

People sell their goods on waste.

Yet on the second big market of KINSHASA, which is called ´the freedom market", the rains cause great flooding in most of the city. After every rain, the roads turn into rivers, but it also creates a job for some people. Housing conditions are not favorable. People live in very small houses. Due to the lack of secondary roads in the city, there are terrible traffic jams.

But it's alright; we remain fixed on our objective which is the internship and the training, where we had to discover a lot of things during this period. Road hassle is terrible on the Idiofa-Kikwit-Kinshasa road, in almost every village there is a barrier. Due to the heavy traffic on the asphalt road, the population comes to sell when each bus passes and this creates commercial activity along the road. But where the road is not good, the villages are increasingly isolated.

Finally we are back in Idiofa after a lot of suffering on the road, but the head filled with new knowledge.




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