Coal plants are not developing the Philippines.

Coal plants are not developing the Philippines.
As long as there are still the existence of destructive developments like coal plants, we cannot say that our country is developing.
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Geral Jan
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

In the village Libertad, Kauswagan, a small town in Lanao del Norte, a 540 megawatt Coal Fired Power Plant is being built. Some government officials think that this is the solution for the power crisis and bring more jobs to the poor communities in the country.

However, the government did not see the environmental and health impact of a coal plant. Other countries already rejected the coal plants. And embraces the renewable energy! To have a sustainable and ecological source of electricity. But the company is still pushing the coal plant. Since they produce white smoke. Well, even if it’s black or white. It’s still emitting carbon dioxide.

Because we are part of the coal resistance, some of our family members who are working in the coal plant got fired.

The community is popular that we had bashers. Critics said that the community should be thankful for those newly unfinished houses in the relocation site. Even if some have no ceilings, some of the windows are lacking and there’s only one small septic tank in every four households. Do you think we can poo comfortably? Mmm, I don’t think so.

The community is eager to abolish our number one villain, the Coal Fired Power Plant. So, we joined mobilizations to express our sentiments. We called the Super Civil Society Organizations to help us lobby the Provincial Legislators to come up a policy of banning our villain! As of now, the policy is in the second reading.

As long as there’s still the existence of destructive developments, we cannot say that our country is developing.


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