A Cleaner and Healthy Environment

A Cleaner and Healthy Environment
Many South African public spaces are dirty due to littering and illegally dumped waste. In this video we would like to inform and encourage everyone on how to take action.
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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

South African public spaces are  very dirty  and this is due to littering and illegally dumped waste.

  • This is rampant in areas where there are less or no waste management services. People’s behaviour towards waste management issues is also a major contributor. Litter can be dangerous and unhealthy to people and environment.

Local government is determined to have good waste management systems and appropriate infrastructure. Programmes for raising awareness to people are being developed and undertaken.

It is important that these programmes are followed by actions of making people aware of how to use  bins correctly. This matter is being prioritized by our President, Mr Ramaphosa and has made a call for everyone to contribute to the course. The call was made during the launch of Good Green Deeds in East London.

Going forward we would like to encourage everyone to :

Reduce wasteful consumption.
Set a good example, by picking up existing litter and throw it in the bin.
Use existing recycling facilities for recyclable waste.
Tap into the economic value of  waste through recycling  and other means.

This way we will be able to attain a cleaner and healthy environment for the benefit of our current and future generation.


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