Big changes start with small actions

Big changes start with small actions
Leonidas Hernandez from San Carlos Alzatate, Jalapa, once dismissed training as a waste of time. But through embracing agricultural training and learning about Gender Equity, he's reshaped his views. Now, he and his wife share responsibilities, setting a powerful example for their children and community. Join Leonidas on his transformative journey towards equality.
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Fredy Eduardo Cuxil
Saturday, May 21, 2016

My name is Leonidas Hernandez, I'm from San Carlos Alzatate in Jalapa Before, I thought the training was only waste of time, that these activities were only those without work.

My wife was going to activities, I was not quite agreeing but let him go, provided I had to leave work and home made food, women's work before leaving. I joined over the issue of agriculture, to have more harvest, more production. And we are gradually improving food production. Last month I was invited to a workshop where the issue of masculinity treated, equality of men and women: Gender Equity, where we were told about the good and bad that we have learned at home about men and women... about the work we do to put boys and girls.

I understood that I can not leave all the work to my wife, but should be shared to have both the opportunity to go to learn in training. Now, when one of the two going to the training, we agree, all to the work of the house, the land and animals are made; sharing responsibilities.

I think we're setting a good example to our children, because if they look at us also learn to respect. Now my wife is participating in a school board and is also part of group health promoters. We know it is important that our family this good for the community also is well. There will always be problems, but working together, with the assurance that we will overcome.


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