With the help of media literacy classes, I learnt to get information from the internet and learnt about climate change. I checked the weather forecast and I know when rain will fall.

Radio Comundos revisits the Digital Stories of the NGO Comundos published on the website. It addresses themes chosen by the course participants, productions, carried out throughout their action. And, it does an exclusive program on a current issue.

I had the opportunity to do my internship in Comundos while coursing a Master in Educational Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). As a part of my internship, I designed and implemented, together with other members of the organization, some activities/workshops.

How to work on gender equality in your classroom ?

How to work with digital stories in geography ?


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donateOver the years, Comundos has helped remote communities around the world by teaching critical thinking, media literacy and the use of communication technology.
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