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    My lockdown during the health crisis

    This is the story of Viviane, a young Cameroonian student who tells her life-story against anti-Covid19 measures in rural areas to fight the pandemic.

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    The progress of civil status in Toucountouna

    Over the past few years, Charlie has been coordinating the activities of the Vital Statistics project. The challenge is digitalization, modernization of the service and a birth certificate for each citizen.

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    Local development initiative

    I used to farm in a traditional way and had to migrate temporarily to other territories to get my income, as I did not have sources of employment that could satisfy my family needs.

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    The effects of alcohol

    We are in Benin, more specifically in the department of Atacora where the phenomenon of alcoholism is becoming more and more serious.

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    Maybe we won’t be able to reinstate all this richness of flora and fauna, but we can still avoid deforestation. By being conscious in what we do, also taking care of the mountains and forests that we have left. Every time we cut down one tree, we must plant ten, so one day our children will be able to enjoy of a better, fresher and more natural environment.

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    The Tree

    It is necessary that human beings and local organizations become aware of the great benefits that each tree offers.

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    Deforestation. Guatemala.

    If we destroy our forests, we are destroying the quality of life of our children.

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    Empowering Women.

    “To be empowered, a woman must have equal education, health, access to land and employment and also agencies that can help them to use those rights, capabilities, resources and opportunities to make strategic choice and decisions”.

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    Seaweed farming

    How the life of Lito Mente revolves around seaweed farming, as an alternative livelihood that uplifts his life in Capul Island, Northern Samar, Philippines.

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    A Stranger in the Park

    Reading books is seen by many students in Guatemala as a difficult task or punishment. This is the story of a young man who, against the wishes of his mother, changed his studies to reading.