The value of a dad

The value of a dad
A young man tells the importance of following the advice of a father
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Pio Cabrera
Thursday, August 14, 2014

In a very remote community of the Quetzaltenango city, called El Rincon in San Martin Sacatepequez, my family lived very simple, humble as any. My dad Felipe Cabrera Juarez, always came to work from sunrise to sunset every morning. Mary, my mother took care of us and performed their domestic chores. In this beautiful community she lived another family, who were sometimes good relations with people and sometimes not.

One day, a member of that family began to criticize my father saying only keeps drunk, nor cares about the lives of his family and Guatemala rank first in the consumption of liquor; He invented that we were thieves and we had burgled at home., while mocking laughter. My dad, despite the criticism, worked and did not care what the neighbor spoke and never failed to protect us. Always he is striving to provide our food, shelter, clothing, and health.  My father always told us; "My children, beloved wife, please never humiliate their brothers or their neighbors, because everything that goes around comes around, We have fought hard to live in peace, so that you can have a better life.¨ Perhaps many times wanted a pair of shoes, but never buy for our economic situation.

 My dad got sick for several days and died one day ...

His last words were; ¨My son takes care of your mommy do not miss him respect, obey the advice of the elders, they have lived and have much experience in life, but take care.¨ My dad rested with a smile on his face. At that time, besides criticism, we lived the internal armed conflict, many of the peasants survived by the situation they were going through.

We have no right to judge others without having corrected our mistakes. Constructively judge without hurting others.