Series on Climate Change and Natural Resources

Series on Climate Change and Natural Resources

The issue of climate change is a common concern for all of us. When Comundos asked people in Guatemala, Honduras, Mozambique, The Philippines and Brazil, what message they would like to convey to the world, the answer is often "our concern about climate change and natural resources".

In Honduras

Climate Change in Honduras

The importance of  wood and its relation to Climate Change

The cultivation of shrimps is harming the environment

In Mozambique:

Withold the destruction of Mangroves in our area.

Too much wood is being cut for deforestation. To avoid the excessive exportation of timber, the community should also get involved in controlling deforestation.

In Brazil:

Save the Amazon forest before it is too late.

A look from who is living in the Caatinga biome in Brazil.


In the Philippines:

Typhoons are getting stronger, says a survivor of hurricane ´Yolanda´.

The land is becoming arid  in the Philippines.

In Guatemala:

Deforestation at an alarming rate

Monoculture and land grabbing., “You leave or you disappear”.